Pain Point: The Renewal Process is a Hot Mess

Renewals Do Not Have To Be A Headache

Managing renewals for driver’s licenses, medical certifications, and TWIC cards can be a challenging and time-consuming task, especially when they are done manually or via out-of-date technology. What does your process look like?

  • Are you using Excel? Is it the most recent version?

  • Are you old school, and tracking everything on pen and paper?

  • How do you notify your drivers about their renewals? 

  • Is HR communicating with the fleet manager? 

  • Who’s communicating to dispatch? 

  • Does the driver know their responsibilities? 

  • How many departments are involved in your process? 

  • How many opportunities are there for human error, resulting in costly mistakes, delays, and regulatory compliance issues?

If your heart started to pound a bit harder, we understand and want to help.

Smiling driver with easy renewal process

Simplify Your Renewals

DQM Connect Can Help!

DQM Connect is your comprehensive solution to revolutionize the way you manage license and certification renewals. Our centralized system reduces the need for multiple individuals to handle paperwork and communications, increasing overall accuracy and efficiency. Drivers are well-informed about their responsibilities regarding renewals via clear instructions and notifications, making it easy for them to understand what is required and when it needs to be done. All team members involved will appreciate this new collaborative and transparent process.

Ready to transform chaos into centralized data, automated reminders, streamlined communication, clear responsibilities, and the peace of mind of knowing all details are meticulously covered?

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