A Better Way to Manage
Driver Files

Self-Managed DOT Compliance Software

Automate Renewals

Simplify Communication

Diminish Audit Preparation

Expedite Seasonal Hiring

Increase Recruiting Reach

Accelerate Onboarding

Revolutionize Your Driver Management With DQM Connect

DQM Connect will drive time into your day with our trucking compliance software

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Easy Online Application

Take control of your hiring process, recruiters can instantly qualify serious driver applicants. We simplify the DOT driver file requirements and expedite the driver onboarding process. DQM Connect increases your hiring teams visibility and helps find more qualified drivers, getting them on boarded and behind the wheel in a fraction of the time.

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Automated Renewal Management

Automated reminders are sent directly to drivers through text and email. Drivers can upload directly from their smartphone or computer to their driver portal for admin approval. Saving time for the Driver, HR/Safety and Fleet Managers

DOT Compliance Software and DQ File management on tablet

Online DQ File Storage Management

With our self-managed driver file management software, you are in the drivers seat of how your files are organized and stored. DQM Connect empowers you to take control of your Driver File Management with automatic archive organization to retain FMCSA file retention requirements in mind.

Driver communication and driver management software sending alerts to cell phone

Driver Communication Portal

Eliminate emails, texts and phone calls, notify your drivers directly through the DQM Dashboard. Drivers will receive automated renewal notices to complete directly on their phone or computer. Drivers will have access to all necessary custom company forms and DOT forms and can be signed and submitted in the drivers portal for review.

Manage the Life Cycle of a Driver with DQM Connect’s Services

DQM Connect offers a variety of services that will make managing driver life cycles easier. Our software allows for easier onboarding, automated renewals, driver qualification file management, online DOT compliance, easier driver communication, and much more. 

See How DQM Helped Hunt and Sons Inc.

Our motto here at DQM is “driving time into your day“ because we make your life easier and save you precious time and energy by empowering you to manage DOT driver lifecycle digitally. Read the case study below and find out how DQM Connect’s DQ file management services simplified Hunt and Sons Inc’s process.

Challenges Faced by Companies that DQM Solves


Labor-Intensive Paperwork

  • The current paper process is labour-intensive and lacks the proper checks and balances needed for compliance.
  • Employment changes or absences can create paperwork gaps or piles.
  • The loss of an HR/Safety person is a loss of Driver qualification file knowledge.

Software Deployment Anxiety

  • Trucking Companies fear technology due to previous technology deployments that took months to implement, train, and get any ROI. Many software companies make promises that are not delivered.

Vacant Driver Seats

  • Drivers may lose interest or find another job due to the process taking too long. In a highly competitive market, drivers may have multiple offers, what makes you different? How long does it take for you to contact interested quality drivers?

Poor Communication

  • HR notifies the Fleet manager who notifies the driver, if a driver is slow to respond this process continues multiple times taking time away from all parties. 

Sudden DOT Audits

  • DOT audit preparation can take hours and often days. Driver qualification file audits are on the rise and DOT auditors may arrive on-site without notice. Are you ready? DQM’s DOT Compliance services can alleviate many of these issues fast!



  • Our online driver management software is designed to function well on all devices. Desktop, tablet, and mobile.

HIPAA Compliant

  • Rest assured that all content within DQM’s software is secure and HIPAA Compliant.

Driver Communication Portal

  • Drivers can receive text alerts and access a private portal to communicate and upload files.

DOT Auditor Portal

  • DQM Connect’s DOT Compliance Management software gives DOT auditors a private portal with managed access.

Web Based

  • Our online compliance and file managment software is easy to deploy, easy to use, with access to files from any location with internet.

Smart E Application

  • Our DQ File Management and DOT Compliance software guides you and you the drivers through the online process, ensuring a complete and accurate application.

Drivers and Managers Love DQM Connect’s File Management and Compliance Software

We have been developing software for asset and workflow management since 2010. Our software is in use for over 100,000 assets and 2000 trucking companies

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Every part of your company can benefit from DQM Connect


C-level can expect an excellent ROI (return on investment) on the first day.


Instant access for interested applicants. Recruiting starts early conversations and guides qualified applicants to drivers. The automated pre-hire qualification process enables you to pre-qualify and onboard drivers within hours. Our DQ file management will simplify and revolutionize the way you hire.

HR Department

HR, Safety, Fleet managers: can expect a 24% or more in time savings. Our easy to use DOT file management ensures DOT compliance. Additionally, our DOT compliance software’s audit portals save hours of DOT audit preparation.

Fleet Managers

DQM Connect’s online DOT and custom company forms simplify and save time with the onboarding process for both the company admin team and driver, leaving a great first impression on new drivers. Automated reminders transfer the burden to drivers and save time for HR, Safety, & Fleet managers.


Driver portal simplifies the distribution and management of driver safety training. Provides In-depth DQ Analytics & Driver Intelligence.

What DQM Means To You

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Control & DOT Compliance

Recruiting Management Tools

Smart Online Applications

Self-Managed Dot Files

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Visibility & Communcation

Intelligent Dashboard

Driver Portal

Custom Task Forms

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Time &

Simple Efficient On-boarding

Automated Renewals

Auditor Ready

Development Partners

Our Customers Ask, We Listen & Develop.

Integrated Partners

Escreen Driver Screening and DOT Audit Software
Geotab ELD Integration Software
Evolution Consulting Driver Screening Software integration

Learn More About Our Integrations

Dqm Connect was built to … well.. Connect! Our open API allows for 1,000s of integrations to be available. See our current Integration partners to make your driver file management even easier. Create profiles, order tests and reports, and update multiple databases from one driver hub: DQM Connect!