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After 2 years of research and testing, we determined that the transportation industry deserved a better DQ file management solution. We designed a system that can truly save time and money while enabling you to fully maintain control of your driver files and hiring process. 

This driver file software was designed and developed to be simple to use, simple to deploy, and meets the challenges of hiring, managing, and communicating with drivers.

Easy Online Application

Take control of your hiring process, recruiters can instantly qualify serious driver applicants. We simplify the DOT driver file requirements and expedite the driver onboarding process. DQM Connect increases your hiring teams visibility and helps find more qualified drivers, getting them onboarded and behind the wheel in a fraction of the time.

Automated Renewal Management

Automated reminders are sent directly to drivers through text and email. Drivers can upload directly from their smartphone or computer to their driver file for admin approval. Saving time for the Driver, HR/Safety and Fleet Managers.

Online DQ File Storage Management

With our self-managed driver file management. You are in the drivers seat of how your files are organized and stored. You can customize the dashboard to fit your company. DQM Connect empowers you to take control of your Driver File Management with automatic archive organization to retain FMCSA file retention requirements in mind.

Driver Communication Portal

Eliminate emails, texts and phone calls, notify your drivers directly through the DQM Dashboard. Drivers will receive automated renewal notices to complete directly on their phone or computer. Drivers will have access to all necessary custom company forms and DOT forms and can be signed and submitted in the drivers portal for review.


The Driver Qualification File is a collection of all the supporting documentation showing that a driver is fully qualified to operate the commercial vehicle(s) within your motor carrier fleet to which they are assigned. These driver files are required by federal regulations and failure to comply with these requirements could mean hefty fines and empty driver seats until remedied.

These records contain everything from the driver’s application, past driving records, and employment, to medical tests, drug tests, logs and supporting documents, and more.

Many companies struggle with what needs to be in the driver file as well as how long records need to be retained.  We will answer some of those questions here and show you how DQMConnect™ manages all this for you so dates and times come as handy reminders instead of constant lookups on the DOT site.

Here is a basic list of DQ files and their retention requirements. For the full Driver Qualification File checklist and retention requirements, please consult the DOT safety planner or let DQMConnect™ take care of all the details for you.


Driver Qualification Files must be kept and maintained for the duration of the driver’s employment and for 3 years beyond.

Within the DQ files, these record retentions currently apply:

  • MVR – 3 years
  • Certificate of violations – 3 years
  • Medical examiner’s certificate – 3 years
  • Accident register – 3 years
  • Negative drug tests – 1 year
  • Positive drug tests – 5 years
  • DVIRs – 3 months
  • Inspection and maintenance records – 1 year
Notifications are provided when any document is missing as well as documents that are coming up for renewal. The DQMConnect™ dashboard provides a summary view of all the drivers and their current compliance status so that the HR, Fleet, or Safety manager can quickly see what is needed, by whom, and by what date.

Driver Qualification files are needed for any driver who operates a commercial motor vehicle. This applies to vehicles exceeding 10,000 lbs. as well as those that transport 8 or more passengers. These requirements apply to salaried as well as contractors, full-time and part-time, driving once or driving daily.


Different records are needed for specialized driving such as drivers of vehicles greater than 26,000 lbs. or carrying hazardous materials. However, each does require a driver file and it must be accurately and timely maintained.

While electronic storage is not required, it is a huge time saver for all personnel involved in creating and maintaining DQ files. Many companies are successfully moving away from paper processes which lack the proper checks and notifications needed to stay in compliance.

Yes. Per the FMCSA, every driver must have a driver qualification file including owner-operators and mechanics that operate vehicles on public roads. For a complete description of the documents required to be in each driver’s qualification, refer to the Code of Federal Regulations.

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Our motto here at DQM is “driving time into your day“ because we make your life easier and save you precious time and energy by empowering you to manage DOT driver lifecycle digitally.

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