Why Choose DQM?

DQM connect Empowers You to Manage DOT Driver Lifecycle


Drivers can receive text alerts and access a private portal to communicate and upload files.


Easy to deploy, easy to use, with access to files from any location with internet.

Smart E Application

Software guides the driver through the online process, insuring a complete and accurate application.


Designed to function well on all devices. Desktop, tablet and mobile.


DOT auditors have a private portal with managed access.


Rest assured that all content is secure and HIPAA Compliant.

HOW DQMConnect Works

For Drivers

For Admins

See How DQM Helped Hunt and Sons Inc.

Our motto here at DQM is “driving time into your day“ because we make your life easier and save you precious time and energy by empowering you to manage DOT driver lifecycle digitally.

Developing software for asset and workflow management since 2010 for over

Truck Companies

Every part of your company can benefit from DQM Connect​

    • C-level can expect an excellent ROI (return on investment) on the first day.
    • Instant access for interested applicants. Recruiting starts early conversations and guides qualified applicants to drivers. The automated pre-hire qualification process enables you to pre-qualify and onboard drivers within hours.
    • HR, Safety, Fleet managers: can expect a 24% or more in time savings. DOT file management ensures DOT compliance. DOT audit portal savings hours of DOT audit preparation.
    • Online DOT and custom company forms simplify and save time with the onboarding process for both the company admin team and driver, leaving a great first impression on new drivers. Automated reminders transfer the burden to drivers and save time for HR, Safety, & Fleet managers.
    • Driver portal simplifies the distribution and management of driver safety training. Provides In-depth DQ Analytics & Driver Intelligence.

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