Why Choose DQM Connect?

We make it easy for you to control your own compliance.

In an industry bogged down by paperwork, audits, and complex compliance standards, our innovative self-managed DOT Compliance software empowers your processes while also saving you time and money.

With DQM Connect, you’ll be able to:

Expedite the driver onboarding process

Enhance Communication Between Drivers and Management

Ensure seamless compliance with DOT Regulations

When you work with us, you’ll revolutionize your driver management, making every aspect from hiring to auditing faster, more efficient, and entirely digital.

Say goodbye to the headaches of manual processes and hello to DQM Connect – driving time back into your day with smart, straightforward compliance solutions.

Two men reviewing DQM on a tablet in front of a truck

“I feel confident that we are in compliance and if audited by the DOT or the California Highway Patrol, the system will quickly be able to provide the requested documents”


“DQM Connect made preparing for the audit very simplistic. It is fantastic you can choose drivers to be audited with a click of a button. Being able to check for expired documents via DQM’s notifications is extremely helpful and a great reminder to update documents before an audit occurs”

Erica McBride

HR Manager, Denbeste Companies

“I love the platform. I love the transparency. I love the fact that DQM empowers the GMs to manage their driver files vs. handing everything over to a 3rd party”

Carl Calhoun

Vice President of Customer Experience