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Driver File Management Software

The management of applicants is great

DQMConnect has changed the game for me. The management of applicants is great because we are able to reach out from our DQM database and measure how interested a driver is. Before we were sending packets through email and never knowing if a driver received it. It really keeps everything up to date. From the
 driver’s end, the experience is great. A driver doesn’t have to go to staples to print out $17 worth of paper work to send back to me

Vince Ichihara

Director of Operations & Dispatch

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Very simplistic

DQM made preparing for the audit very simplistic. It is fantastic you can choose drivers to be audited with a click of a button. Being able to check for expired documents via DQM’s notifications is extremely helpful and a great reminder to update documents before an audit occurs

Erica McBride

HR Manager

DenBeste Companies

I Feel Confident

I have been using the DQM Connect system provided by Vehicle Licensing Consultants to digitally manage our driver qualification files for almost six months. Transferring our hard files to the DQM Connect system was very simple and quick. The system assures that driver licenses, endorsements and physical examinations are kept current. I feel confident that
 we are in compliance and if audited by the Department of Transportation or the California Highway Patrol, the system will quickly be able to provide the requested documents. Updating the files whenever there are new driver documents has also been very simple. The system then stores the old documents in a separate archive. Not only is DQM very intuitive, and the people at Vehicle Licensing Consultants have been able to customize the system to fit our particular needs. An unexpected plus from having the system is having the capability to look up and/or download driver documents for non-audit purposes.

Steve Amromin

Environmental Contractors Transportation Inc.


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Our motto here at DQM is “driving time into your day“ because we make your life easier and save you precious time and energy by empowering you to manage DOT driver lifecycle digitally.

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