Is DQM Connect right for my company?

What is a Driver Qualification (DQ) File?

A Driver Qualification (DQ) file is a collection of all the supporting documentation demonstrating  that a driver is fully qualified to operate their assigned commercial vehicle(s) in your fleet. DQ files are required by federal regulations – until remedied, failure to comply with these requirements can mean hefty fines and empty driver seats.

These records contain everything from the driver’s application, past driving records, and employment, to medical tests, drug tests, logs and supporting documents, and more.

Many companies can struggle with what needs to be in the driver file as well as accurate record retention periods. DQM Connect™ can manage these features and more for you so you have easy and consistent access to compliance data and requirements at your fingertips. 

Q1: How long should various records be kept in a DQ file?

Fleets are required to maintain DQ files for each driver throughout the duration of the driver’s employment and for three years after their official end date. We’ve included the basic record retention periods below. For the full Driver Qualification File checklist and retention requirements, please consult the DOT safety planner or contact one of our professionals at DQM Connect™ for more information.

These record retention periods currently apply for DQ files:

  • MVR – 3 years
  • Certificate of violations – 3 years
  • Medical examiner’s certificate – 3 years
  • Accident register – 3 years
  • Negative drug tests – 1 year
  • Positive drug tests – 5 years
  • DVIRs – 3 months
  • Inspection and maintenance records – 1 year

Q2: Who needs a driver file?

Commercial fleet managers are required to maintain a DQ file for each of the drivers in their fleet.