Why We Created DQM Connect

DQM Connect™ was born from our own frustrations with driver file compliance. We’ve been in the trucking and fleet management industry for over 25 years, and have seen how drastically the compliance environment has changed throughout the decades.

We couldn’t understand why the trucking industry was still stuck using manual records and paper filing cabinets, especially when there was so much potential for technology to simplify compliance. It became clear that no existing solution met all our customers’ needs – so we decided to create one ourselves. Say hello to DQM Connect™!

Meet Our Team

At DQM Connect™, the heart of our success lies in our team’s unwavering commitment to excellence and superior customer experience.

With decades of combined experience in the trucking and fleet management industry, our professionals bring an unparalleled depth of knowledge and insight to our innovative solutions.

Our team is propelled by a shared vision: to redefine the standards of service and innovation in the trucking industry. From our tech wizards to our strategic thinkers, each member of our team brings a unique set of skills and a customer-first approach to their work. This collective expertise ensures that we not only meet – but exceed – the expectations of the fleets we serve.

Barry Oberg

Business Development

Sheryl Oberg

Managing Member

Emily Buchanan

Director of Solution Development

What You Can Expect From Us

Our team will be with you every step of your DQM Connect™ journey. When you work with us, our team will be available with unlimited support Monday-Friday from 6am PST – 4:30pm PST. In an industry filled with complex regulations and measures, we pride ourselves on offering straightforward, friendly, and knowledgeable advice to all our customers.