Navigating the Year Ahead – A Quick Guide to Fleet Management Events in 2024

Dec 6, 2023 | Industry News

As we usher in the new year, the world of fleet management is gearing up for a series of events, trade shows, and conventions that promise to showcase the latest innovations and best practices in the industry. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your journey in transportation, attending a fleet management conference or even a “truck show near me” can provide valuable insights, networking opportunities, and early access to cutting-edge technologies. Take a look at some of the can’t-miss events happening in 2024 and mark your calendars now!

CTA Annual Membership Conference – January 17-20, 2024: The California Trucking Association’s annual conference includes multiple days of exciting educational panels, policy committee meetings, and a chance for those in the industry to network together in a relaxing environment.

Manifest: The Future of Logistics – February 5-7, 2024: This conference discusses cutting-edge strategies for improving logistics and streamlining efficiencies. Held in Las Vegas, there will also be time for informational networking and socialization.

Geotab Connect – February 14-16, 2024: The Geotab conference is focused on telematics and allows companies to network with each other while learning about new data tools that can help them create efficiency and growth in their companies. The driver management online technology we offer at DQM Connect helps keep driver qualification files organized with a driver qualification file checklist, and our friends at Geotab help drivers navigate the roadways with advanced technology.

ATA Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) Conference – March 4-6, 2024: This event helps connect suppliers with trucking companies owner operators, and it offers the chance for them to collaborate on a variety of industry-specific task forces.

Mid-America Truck Show (MATS) – March 21-23, 2024: This is an annual event that typically has a wide variety of new truck models on display and updates attendees with the latest products and technologies. Networking is also a central pillar of this particular conference because there are typically tens of thousands of participants each year.

NAFA Institute and Expo – April 22-24, 2024: NAFA hosts three days of educational talks along with an extensive exhibition area. 

Government Fleet Expo – May 7-10, 2024: Called GFX for short, this event is put on by the Government Fleet magazine and offers scheduled speakers, time to stroll through the interactive exhibition hall, and many wonderful resources for fleet companies both large and small. It’s a fleet management conference that offers a variety of different topics for specific learning. 

Electric Utility Fleet Management Conference (EUFMC) – June 2-5, 2024: Specific to the Electric Utility Fleet Industry, the EUFMC has industry-specific talks and resources to support this area of the market.

Intermodal Expo – Sep 9 – 11, 2024: This conference focuses on engaging guests in discussions about multi-modal transportation including current problems and potential solutions. 

FleetCon – September 16-18, 2024: Fleetpros, a non profit supporting fleet professionals, puts on the FleetCon event as a way to provide both education and networking opportunities within the industry. This year there will be sessions on technical training and management skills, mixed with exhibits and time for socialization.

Accelerate! Conference & Expo by the Women in Trucking Association – November 10-13, 2024:This conference and exposition focuses on the many impactful contributions made by women in the trucking industry. Attendees can learn about said achievements and also attend both lectures and workshops to continue helping women thrive in what is a traditionally male-dominated industry. 

Work Fleet Forum – November 12-14, 2024: A smaller event with only 50 fleet managers chosen to attend, this forum provides invaluable support to fleet management as they participate in small group discussion sessions and peer-to-peer discussions with vendors and other professionals. Get ready to ask you questions about driver qualification files, driver management online systems, the benefits of a driver qualification file checklist, the latest GPS technology, and more!

Drive Your Fleet to Success with a Great Year of Learning and Networking!

As 2024 kicks off, these fleet management events offer a unique opportunity to stay informed, connected, and inspired within the industry. From driver qualification file checklists and driver management online solutions, to safety and new technologies, each event caters to specific needs, ensuring that attendees gain actionable insights to drive their fleets towards success. Get your tickets, engage with industry experts, and embrace the future of fleet management at these exciting events in 2024! 

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