How Technology is Transforming the Trucking Industry

Apr 26, 2023 | DOT, Driver File Qualification File Management

Many recent advances in transportation technology have brought innovation to the forefront of the trucking industry. These rapid developments have significantly improved the ability of trucking companies to become more efficient, make better decisions for their staff, and operate at reduced costs. As these technologies continue to advance over the next decade, they will bring increased changes in the areas of the Internet of Things (IOT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and safety systems.


Internet of Things (IOT) Technology in the Trucking Industry

IOT, also known as the Internet of Things, is a label to refer to a category of devices that connect to the Internet and have the ability to receive and transmit a wide variety of data. In the trucking industry, they can help to:


  • Offer exact location tracking to be able to provide both companies and customers with more precise location updates.
  • Optimize supply chain management and ensure that freight is being handled properly (especially important with freight that is humidity and temperature dependent).
  • Use Internet connected sensors to detect the amount of cargo space available for maximizing transport area.
  • Utilize sensors that are able to transmit maintenance metrics so that companies can keep up with preventative maintenance on their vehicles.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology

With the use of IOT devices, there comes a large amount of data that is automatically collected and made almost instantly available. The many stats and metrics can help AI systems to analyze information and provide meaningful outputs so that companies can make optimum decisions.

This type of technology can use data to analyze a variety of inputs and predict outcomes based on past measurements. This can be excellent for:


  • Supply and demand planning
  • Route optimization to save time and avoid traffic and weather issues
  • Offering predictions to increase company efficiency


Automatic Safety Systems

While fully self-driving vehicles are still going through the troubleshooting process before they enter the market, advances are happening that will make way for increased safety in future years. In the meantime, lane assist technology is already one of the most common automatic safety systems in place in many consumer vehicles, and it will likely soon be added to more commercial vehicles as well.

Other safety features are in the future for the trucking industry as well including:


  • Sensors to detect objects in the roadway
  • Collision warnings
  • Blindspot sensors
  • Automatic emergency braking systems


There are even some companies that are testing out self-driving trucks at this time with two vehicle safety operators present to ensure autonomous trucking safety, and these types of vehicles will likely be available to both consumers and trucking fleet managers in future years.


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