7 Benefits of Driver Management Online Software for Trucking Companies

Mar 1, 2023 | Driver File Qualification File Management

There are so many overlooked benefits when carrier companies move their driver file management system online, and at DQM Connect, we want to show you how our system can change your company for the better. Here are seven benefits of driver management online software for trucking companies.


#1. Be Prepared for DOT Audits at All Times


When your driver file management system is online, you know that you will always be prepared for a DOT audit because everything you need is at the touch of a button. Records, driver communication, and any and all documents you might need are stored online in an organized fashion. In this way, you won’t have to worry about scrambling to find paperwork in old file boxes when the time comes for an audit. Not only will this reduce your stress, but it will save you time since everything will already be prepared ahead of time.


#2. Keep Your Documents Up to Date and Organized


From the initial onboarding paperwork of employees to safety compliance reports and driver certificates, DQM Connect’s driver management online software for trucking companies stores all of it. No need to worry about losing hard copies of documents or forgetting when renewals will occur. With DQM Connect everything is automatically kept track of for you in an organized manner online.


#3. Maintain Compliance and Streamline Reporting


Compliance is something all carrier companies need to take care of, and with DQM’s driver management online system, the guesswork is taken out of the process. Not only does DQM organize everything in order to efficiently maintain compliance, but we offer streamlined reporting to get you the exact data you need when you need it without wasting your employees’ precious time.


#4. Improve Company Communication


Communication has never been quicker or easier than with our driver management online software for trucking companies. At DQM we have what’s called the “driver portal” which allows drivers to log into a secure portal to both communicate with the company and upload files. Drivers can also receive text alerts which provide the benefit of immediate communication.


#5. Enhance Security and Privacy with Secure Online Access


Because each driver receives his or her own login information for the driver portal, any communication between the driver and carrier company and all file information that is uploaded stays private and safe on the secure network.


#6. Save Space and Headache


Our driver management online software for trucking companies is, by its very nature,  space saving. No more storage sheds full of filing boxes or searching for hours to locate a document… everything is stored in an organized fashion within the software itself!


#7. Increase Company Productivity


With the implementation of our driver management online software, your employees will get back the time and energy they used to spend on paperwork, filing, preparing for last minute DOT audits, searching for documents, and attempting to communicate with hard-to-reach drivers. Because all of those tools and features are included in our DQM services, your staff can waste less time and be more productive, saving everyone stress and money at the same time.


Bring Your Company Into the Twenty-First Century with DQM’s Driver Management Online Software for Trucking Companies


At DQM Connect we want to make your life easier and enhance the productivity of your company each and every day. We are leading the way in driver management online software for trucking companies and can show you how to use technology to your advantage. Get in touch with us today by calling (530) 384-3884, emailing info@im4trux.com, or filling out our online demo form at the bottom of this page. We look forward to making a positive impact in every area of your company!

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