What’s Included on a DQ File Checklist?

Apr 29, 2023 | Driver File Qualification File Management

At DQM Connect, we know one of the top things on your mind as a fleet management company is the driver qualification file checklist. But what goes on a DQ file checklist and how do you make sure that you don’t miss anything? At DQM Connect, we can help you understand the DQ file checklist items that are required by the Department of Transportation, so that you can be rest assured you have covered all your bases.


Initial DQ File Checklist Required Documents Include:

  • Entry-Level Driver Training Certificate
  • Longer Combination Vehicle (LCV) Driver Training Certificate
  • Multiple Employer Drivers Document
  • Skilled Performance Evaluation Certificate
  • Longer Combination Vehicle (LCV) Certificate of Grandfathering
  • Safety Performance History Records: Driver’s Correction or Rebuttal
  • Pre-Employment Drug and Alcohol Documents
  • Inquiry to State Agencies for Three-Year Driving Record
  • Driver’s Road Test Certificate or Equivalent
  • Drivers Application for Employment
  • Inquiry to Previous Employers Safety Performance History Records Request


How Long Should the Company Keep the DQ File Checklist Records?

For a DQ file checklist, you must retain all of the listed documents for the life of employment of the employee plus an additional three years after termination with the exception of the skill performance, evaluation certificate, and the entry-level driver training certificate, which you need to keep for three years from the date of execution.

Also, the pre-employment, drug and alcohol documents may have additional recordkeeping requirements that can be found in the controlled substances and alcohol chapter from the department of edge of transportation.


Additional Ongoing Updates to the DQ File Checklist Documents Include:

  • The Driver Certificate of Violations (which is done annually)
  • The Medical Examination Report and Medical Examiner Certificate (performed by a licensed medical examiner at least once every two years)
  • The Employer Note Verifying That Medical Examiner is Listed on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners
  • The Inquiry to State Agencies for Driving Record (which is filed annually)
  • The Review of The Driving Record (which needs to be performed at least every 12 months).

The carrier must also collect the Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) from each state issuing a driver’s license, make sure the driver continues to meet the minimum requirements for safe driving, and ensure that they are not disqualified. These five documents must all be kept for three years from the date of execution in the DQ file.


Your DQ File Checklist Specialists

At DQM Connect we specialize in providing fleet management companies with technology to help make the storing and organization of these important documents as easy as possible. By having to think about record storage less, companies can focus more time and attention on other important parts of running their businesses.

With our driver qualification file management software we take the headache out of keeping track of these forms for the DQ file checklist and do it for you, so that you never have to worry that something is out of place or missing when a DOT audit comes around. Contact us today at (530) 384-3884 or via email at info@im4trux.com If you’d prefer, you can fill out our online demo form at the bottom of this webpage.

At DQM Connect, we want to provide you with the resources you need to become as productive, profitable, and successful as possible by automating the entire DOT compliance process for you.

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