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DQM Connect is a leading driver qualification file and application management software that takes the complexity out of driver files.

Designed to give the power back to trucking companies, DQM Connect™ manages driver qualification files throughout the full driver life cycle, from applicant to audit. This software was built for transportation companies by transportation companies, with the core tenets of simplicity, intelligence, and empowerment.

When you work with us, you’ll revolutionize your driver management, making every aspect from hiring to auditing faster, more efficient, and entirely digital.

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What Does DQM Connect Offer?

Comprehensive management of driver files
Full access to an online, self-managed portal catered to your needs
Streamlined and intuitive platform with straightforward workflow management
MVR & CSA monitoring information at your fingertips
Driver data automatically organized in online database
Full data visibility for fleet & driver managers
Automated compliance reminders to managers and drivers
Direct manager-driver communication portal to receive text alerts, chat, and upload files
Fast and simple software implementation
Compliant with desktop, tablet, and mobile platforms
HIPAA compliant data standards
Robust cybersecurity & data protection throughout platform
Customizable features to fit your business needs
Full support from DQM consultants
Manual, inefficient compliance process
Data outsourcing to 3rd party “full service” providers
Slow, disorganized driver onboarding processes

How Does DQM Connect Work?

Why DQM Connect?

In an industry bogged down by paperwork, audits, and complex compliance standards, our innovative self-managed DOT Compliance software empowers your processes while also saving you time and money

Designed to automate renewals, efficiently manage driver files, and significantly reduce audit preparation time, DQM Connect empowers trucking companies to expedite the onboarding process, enhance communication, and ensure seamless compliance with DOT regulations. With our platform, your business can revolutionize driver management, making every aspect from hiring to auditing faster, more efficient, and entirely digital. Say goodbye to the headaches of manual processes and hello to DQM Connect – driving time back into your day with smart, straightforward compliance solutions.

Our robust platform streamlines driver qualification files (DQF) management, enhances CSA score tracking, shortens DOT corrective action plan creation and audit preparation time. Trucking companies can leverage our technology to optimize driver onboarding, boost record-keeping efficiency, and ensure full FMCSA compliance.

DQM Connect™ understands that data is king, which is why our software puts all data analytics in the hands of our customers. With DQM Connect™, you’ll be able to skip the third-party provider and make compliance simple by having all the necessary data at your fingertips and automatically prepared for any audit that comes your way. At the end of the day, your driver files are your responsibility. Whether it’s for drug & alcohol testing, background checks, or onboarding requirements, you’ll be in control – every step of the way. We’ll never share your data, and we work hard every day to ensure that it stays protected.

Semi Truck on the road - truck driver file management

How Our Software Can Transform Your Business

Control & DOT Compliance

Recruiting Management Tools

Smart Online Applications

Self-Managed Dot Files

Intuitive Interface

Intelligent Dashboard

Driver Portal

Custom Task Forms

Driver Portal

Recruiting Management Tools

Smart Online Applications

Self-Managed Dot Files


Secure Sign On

Role Restrictions

HIPAA Compliance

Save Time & Money

Simple Efficient On-boarding

Automated Renewals

Auditor Ready

Say goodbye to the headaches of manual processes and hello to DQM Connect – driving time back into your day with smart, straightforward compliance solutions.

“I feel confident that we are in compliance and if audited by the DOT or the California Highway Patrol, the system will quickly be able to provide the requested documents”


“DQM Connect made preparing for the audit very simplistic. It is fantastic you can choose drivers to be audited with a click of a button. Being able to check for expired documents via DQM’s notifications is extremely helpful and a great reminder to update documents before an audit occurs”

Erica McBride

HR Manager, Denbeste Companies

“I love the platform. I love the transparency. I love the fact that DQM empowers the GMs to manage their driver files vs. handing everything over to a 3rd party”

Carl Calhoun

Vice President of Customer Experience

The Dashboard

Your DQM experience will center around an intelligent dashboard that keeps track of driver files and requirements, allowing you to see all outstanding, in progress, and completed items in one place! At a glance, you’ll be able to see which of your drivers are up to DOT standards – and who needs attention. With your dashboard, you’ll be able to manage the hundreds of activities that will help keep your drivers compliant on the road.

Easily manage:

  • New, Returning, and Seasonal Applicants
  • DOT & Non-DOT Driver Compliance
  • Pending Driver Renewals and Communications
  • MVR & CSA Monitoring
  • Drug & Alcohol, background checks, and other services.
  • And more!
The Dashboard | DQM Connect

Smart Online Application

“You guys are killing it – I have a new employee/driver. Everything was done online.”
– Joe O Rocha Dairy

Our smart online application and applicant tracking system (ATS) make it even easier for fleet and driver managers to manage online applications for both DOT-regulated and non-regulated applicants. With our mobile and desktop compatible formats, you’ll be DOT Compliant – the first time.

For Applicants:

  • Guided experience
  • Fillable assist
  • Mobile Friendly

For Recruiters:

  • Immediate access to applicants
  • Reach more qualified applicants
  • Manage hiring process
  • On-board with less effort
Smart Online Application | DQM Connect

Your Drivers’ Profile

DQM Connect™ empowers fleet, safety, and HR managers to take control of their driver file management – all in a single location.

Manage Driver Information, including:

  • Driver Qualification
  • Required Documents for HR & DOT Renewals
  • Safety & Behavior Trends
  • Upcoming Driver Renewals
  • Missing DOT Documents
  • Automated Driver Document Archival
  • MVR, Safety Verification, and Drug & Alcohol Orders
Your Driver's Profile | DQM Connect

Driver Safety & Risk Assessment Tools

Track DOT and non-DOT safety incidents, such as Violations or Accidents, and driver behavior and gauge your safety risks with our enhanced safety module. Increase your safety scores with our 24/7 MVR, EPN, & CSA Monitoring program.

With DQM Connect™, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify top performers
  • Create Corrective Training Plans
  • Facilitate Annual Reviews & Violation Certificates
  • Avoid Costly Penalties and Lawsuits
Driver Safety & Risk Tools | DQM Connect

Customize Your Experience

DQM Connect™ is customizable to fit your business needs. With DQM Connect™, you can choose from 1,000s of our integration partners to customize your software experience and enhance your business operations – all while staying within DOT specifications. Beyond integrations, the software’s customization abilities ensure that every aspect of DQM Connect™ will fit your business and its needs.

DQM Connect™ gives you the ability to customize:

  • Integrated Partners
  • Application Types
  • Driver Forms & Tasks
  • Safety Scores
  • Interview Questions & Onboarding Requirements