DQM Connect’s Robust Integrations Give Users a Competitive Edge

Feb 15, 2024 | Driver File Management Online

It’s critical for fleet companies to leverage the right combination of efficiency and accuracy to maintain compliance and ensure the safety of their drivers. At DQM Connect, a leading driver file management software company, we understand these challenges and have developed a robust solutions through partner integrations! 

By utilizing open API, we can now offer smooth and convenient integration with a wide range of programs and services. While there are over a thousand different integrations that pair well with DQM connect, this article will highlight four key partners that enhance DQM Connect’s capabilities and provide unparalleled support to fleet managers.

Escreen: Elevating Drug and Alcohol Testing

Escreen, a prominent partner of DQM Connect, specializes in drug and alcohol medical exams, offering comprehensive services such as pre-employment testing, random testing, post-accident testing, DOT physicals, and medical cards. The integration with DQM Connect brings numerous advantages including:

  • The Largest Reach Across the Nation: With a network of over 20,000 clinics, it is convenient and hassle-free to locate a testing site. 
  • Electronic Results: The results are quickly accessible through DQM Connect, ensuring that critical information can never go missing.
  • Pre-Negotiated Pricing: DQM Connect users enjoy competitive rates for testing services, eliminating surprises in testing costs.

Geotab – A Game-Changer in Fleet Management

Geotab, an electronic log device provider, integrates beautifully with DQM Connect to advance security and connect commercial vehicles to the internet. Geotab’s Marketplace and open platform empower businesses to automate operations by integrating vehicle data with other data sources. Key features of the Geotab integration include:

  • Web-Based Analytics: Geotab provides comprehensive web-based analytics to help manage fleets effectively.
  • Customizable Platform: Geotab’s platform is customizable to meet the unique needs of both small and large businesses.
  • Innovation through R&D: Geotab invests significantly in Research and Development, ensuring continuous innovation in their product.

Luma Learning – Customizable and Flexible Training

Luma Learning is an award-winning learning platform that offers custom workplace training. Trainees will be able to access industry-specific training in an engaging game environment that leaves trainees learning – and remembering – more on the content included in training modules. DQM Connect’s integrations with Luma Learning will make it even easier for fleet managers to keep their drivers in compliance with training requirements. 

Evolution Consulting, LLC – Your One-Stop Shop

With many years of experience, Evolution Consulting specializes in physicals, criminal background checks, drug tests, and federal compliance services. They offer a comprehensive package of services, including SSN trace, criminal searches, employment history verification, and much more. Their easy Integration with DQM Connect facilitates a seamless driver file management experience for fleet managers that takes the headache out of the process.

DQM Connect’s Integrations Make It An Indispensable Tool for Fleet Managers

DQM Connect is committed to providing over a thousand integration solutions – from pre-employment screening tools to Electronic Logging Device integrations – to make driver file management easier for fleet managers across the nation. With our services, drivers, fleet managers, and support staff can access a centralized hub for creating profiles, ordering tests and reports, communicating efficiently, and updating multiple databases.

Our myriad of helpful integrations contribute to a comprehensive and stress-free approach to driver file management, ensuring that your business can operate efficiently and in compliance with regulations.

Leverage DQM Connect’s Integrations Today!

Choose DQM Connect today and start using integrations with our partners at Escreen, Geotab, Luma Learning, and Evolution Consulting, and more to enhance your compliance procedures, record keeping, and system management. You can reach us by calling (530) 384-3884 or emailing info@im4trux.com.

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