Carrier Safety Vs. Compliance on the Roadways

Mar 1, 2023 | Driver File Qualification File Management

At DQM connect we offer trucking compliance services for carrier companies that can assist with a wide variety of needs. The benefits of an online driver management software for trucking companies are many, and we offer competitive prices and exemplary customer service to provide our clients everything they need to stay both safe and compliant.


What’s the difference between safety and compliance?


It’s easy for carrier companies, including both management and drivers, to assume that safety and compliance are one and the same, but of course this is not the case. Yes, compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) rules regarding roadway safety are critical, but just because a carrier company is deemed compliant doesn’t mean that they are crash-free or are consistently implementing the appropriate safety protocols.


It is important to be compliant with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations that FMCSA uses to rate the safety of companies, but it is also essential to put that knowledge consistently into place to avoid crashes to make the roadways safer for everyone.


What is the three-tier safety fitness rating?


The three-tier safety fitness rating is a particular structure used by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to rank the safety fitness of carriers and remove unsafe companies from the roadways.


Currently the three-tier structure includes ratings of:


  • satisfactory
  • conditional
  • unsatisfactory


The FMCSA is currently updating their general rules on safety fitness procedures which are expected to be released sometime in March. Not only that, but many speculate that the FMCSA will also begin to seek input from the public to update the entire current three-tier safety fitness system as well.


Once the FMCSA publishes its notice on the overall safety fitness procedures, potentially in March 2023, there will still likely be a lengthy process before a final rule is issued by the agency. Currently, it is required that once an advance notice of proposed rulemaking is issued, a rule can be finalized only once an appropriate public comment period has been offered.


What other FMCSA rulemakings will occur in 2023?


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is expected to publish an advance notice of proposed rulemakings for issues including:


  • electronic IDs
  • speed limiters
  • automated driving systems
  • electronic logging devices


How can DQM Connect help with safety and trucking compliance services?


At DQM connect we want to help you to not only understand how to become compliant with safety regulations, but to actually become an even safer carrier company than you already are. We offer the highest quality driver management and trucking compliance services available including things such as:


  • simple to use, self managed DOT compliance software
  • simplified communication tools for driver management
  • expedited seasonal hiring services
  • increased recruiting reach
  • accelerated onboarding
  • automatic renewals
  • audit preparation services


Why Choose Us  for Online Driver Management and Trucking Compliance Services?

DQM Connect is a leading expert in trucking compliance services and high efficiency online driver management software. We help companies who want to streamline antiquated systems and use technology to their advantage, making themselves more efficient and hopefully, more profitable in the long run.  Reach out and contact us today at and let us help you simplify your processes and improve your performance.

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